HC Hogz Clubhouse App

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Combining The Real World and Web 3

Our mission is centered around creating real world communities and experiences with foundations in Web3 technology.

For Gamers by Gamers

Nfts and coins are not the entire picture. We have top level Game studio partners developing real games in pc, mobile and VR,


Setting New Standards in Web3, Gaming and Technology

NFT Project with Real World Incentives

Our project comes with the normal offer of an NFT. We've also developed real world incentives like our custom leather jackets that will be hand made and delivered to certain members.

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       Hostile Crypto, a Canadian business, stands at the forefront of pioneering endeavors. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, we possess a far-reaching vision of establishing our own ecosystem, encompassing multiple platforms. Our mission is to transform dreams into reality, welcoming newcomers without prior experience into the vast realm of cryptocurrency.

       At the helm of our enterprise lies our flagship project, "HC Hogz" an Digital Club and Gaming venture that transcends the boundaries of both digital and real-life utility. Our mission is to forge a vibrant community that establishes this company as a key player in making fun and immersive purchases.

       As the HC Universe flourishes and expands, we seamlessly unify its components through our proprietary currency and the Hostile Crypto App. This dynamic platform serves as the connective tissue binding our future products and communities together, while also guiding newcomers through the swiftly evolving digital landscape, imparting essential knowledge on the dos and don'ts of the blockchain technology realm.

      With unwavering belief in the boundless potential of this space, we not only cater to industry veterans but also strive to educate and empower individuals venturing into the exhilarating world of blockchain technology.


We've got all sorts of projects we aim to accomplish. Check them out to the right!

Hostile Coin

A native currency to hostile crypto inc. Connecting all of our projects together and creating real world value for all of our community

Hostile Education

Grow our app to bring more Web2 into Web3. This is a responsibility all pioneers in this space should be striving for.

Hostile Music Presents

Everybody loves music Including Hostile Crypto. We believe blockchain technology could be a game changer in the arts.



We broke onto the scene New York Style!

Polo Team Sponsorship

Hostile Crypto is committed to sponsoring multiple sporting events and teams. One of our most recent continuous engagements is our international polo team that recently won the year end 4 goal championship tournament.


YouTube Appearances

Check out full description of HC Hogz project as told by NFTguide.com Youtube channel.


10,000+ Discord Member Community

We've created a strong community called "10,000+ Disciples of Discord." Our members are highly active and take part in weekly events such as contests and challenges. Additionally, we hold thrilling live Ask Me Anything sessions to keep the excitement going.

NFT Project with Real World Incentives

Our company goes beyond traditional NFT offerings. In addition to our unique digital creations, we reward our esteemed "patched-in" members with exclusive, meticulously handcrafted leather jackets, symbolizing their distinguished status.

Highest Quality NFT Art in the Marketplace

Fully 3d rendered Game ready avatars. Anything less is a waste of your time. Explore TRUE digital ownership and a new level of digital assets.

HC Hogz Clubhouse App

The HC Hogz Club House App provides an immersive experience that blurs the lines between real & digital assets. Available on App Store and Google Play Store.

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